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Add a category

Adding a category

To add a category click on the Add category-Icon or choose Category > add from the menu.
An empty category will be created and the name-field in the categories-table will be selected.
To rename the category type in the new name and hit return

Remove Category

Removing a category

To remove a category select the category you want to remove and click on the Remove Category-Icon or choose Category > remove from the menu.
This function also removes all the documents that are stored in the category that is going to be removed.

Editing a category

To edit a categories name simply double-click on it, type the new name in and hit return.
You can also drag some selected Text onto the category that you want to edit and the name will be changed to the dropped on text.

Adding new documents

Adding documents

To add new documents to the internal library click on the Add documents-Icon, choose Document > add from the menu, or drag the files onto the table.
If you chose the menu- or toolbar-item, a panel will open, in which you can select one or more files to add.

Open documents

Opening documents

To open one or more document(s) click on the Open Documents-Icon or choose Document > open.
The document(s) will then be opened in their default application.

Remove documents

Removing documents

To remove one or more documents click on the Remove documents-Item or choose Document > remove from the menu.

Moving documents

To move one or more documents to a different category select the documents you want to move and drag them on the new category.

Adding description and get information

Adding a description to a document

To add a description for the selected document bring up the Info-Drawer by clicking on the Info-Icon. Enter the description in the description-field.